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HomeUni offers online academic programs studied by means of distance/ blended learning in which successful students receive an award from its partner universities or other awarding bodies.This enables a range of degree, postgraduate and professional training courses to be delivered by blended learning throughout Africa and Asia by experienced African and Asian academics supported by a global faculty of industry professionals and high-quality academics through its specially developed online platform.

HomeUni – The African and Asian Game Changer

This is a strategic response to COVID-19 and the attendant growth in the number of students who want to self-study with bespoke quality teaching and learning materials to facilitate their learning journey.

HomeUni is incorporated in the UK, which reflects its global ambitions – but it is an international online learning initiative with a difference. While it will engage, for the benefit of its students, with globally recognised academics in respect of both delivery and the development of teaching and learning materials, it is committed to ensuring that the major part of delivery utilises African and Asian academic expertise from across the continent. In so doing, HomeUni will build the next generation of African and Asian online teachers.


Our mission is to make quality professional  development education accessible, affordable and adaptable through innovative online learning.


HomeUni’s academic partners are all highly reputable Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) and awarding bodies which are accredited to offer a range of globally recognized qualifications.

In addition, HomeUni is accredited by the Accreditation Service for International Schools and Colleges and Universities (ASIC) in the United Kingdom, which is an independent, UK government recognised accreditation body specialising in the accreditation of schools, colleges, universities, training organisations and online and distance education providers, both in the UK and overseas.


HomeUni offers a comprehensive range of 21st century relevant courses germane to the rapidly changing economies of the developing world.

Irrespective of which course you study with us, you will enjoy a distinctive learning experience which will have Ten Hallmarks.

They are as follows:

  • Highly Qualified and Engaging Tutors
  • Specially Developed Teaching & Learning Materials
  • Competitive Fees
  • Interactive Student-Centred Learning
  • Career Enhancing Courses
  • Onward Course Progression Opportunities
  • User Friendly Learning Platform
  • Supportive Learning Environment
  • Networking Opportunities
  • Efficient Course Administration & Communication

Another distinctive feature of the HomeUni blended learning approach is that the technology we use is straightforward, with easy to access help-lines in place.In particular we have ensured that in designing our Learning Platform prospective students do not have to be ‘high tech whizz kids’ to use it. Crucially you do not need to be ‘tech savvy’ to thrive on our programmes. 

  • Flexible Study
    Our approach to online learning gives you the freedom and support to balance your study, work and domestic commitments, while working towards your career goals.
  • Support & Discussion
    You’re not left on your own to study. You’ll receive full support and have lots of contact from tutors and fellow students through online discussion forums, email, online chats and by telephone.
  • Freedom & Support
    You choose where and when you want to study. You’re not tied to a physical campus or learning centre. Yet you have full support available when you need it.
  • Stay Informed
    To help you keep on track and plan your study schedule, you’ll have online access to timetables and course guides.
  • Accessible Online Education
    All your learning materials are accessible through our Virtual Learning Environment (VLE), a specialized online resource. For flexibility, study materials are provided in a variety of formats, including presentations, videos, podcasts and animations.
    e-library HomeUni’s e-Library (accessed through the Virtual Learning Environment) is a comprehensive and valuable online resource, enabling students to use
  • Facilities & Support
    We have invested in a state-of-the-art Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) to support your studies. It gives you everything you need when you want to:
    • Contact your tutor
    • Access online material
    • Participate in discussion forums
    • Find help or contact information
    • Access the e-library
    • Access study support aids
    • Submit your assignments (although we can also accept postal submissions)
    • Contact other students.
Distance learning can take many forms and one of the first key issues we addressed in deciding to set up HomeUni was to determine whether to opt for full online learning (i.e. no campus contact) or blended learning which involves some modest element of campus presence, but with most substantive delivery being online. We chose the latter.

So, for example, we provide a voluntary face to face induction/orientation whenever we secure ‘critical mass’ in a given city or region. In this case students in that city or region will be invited to attend an induction in their home location, coupled with an optional revision weekend each semester.

HomeUni has entered into a strategic relationship with Cambridge International Education Centre (CIEC) whereby they will be delivering a specially designed set of teaching and learning materials to underpin all substantive courses. The CIEC approach involves a dedicated e-Text customised to the module or qualification in question, supported by extensive Student Manuals and Lecturer/Tutor Manuals linked to the e-Texts but containing additional exercises, activities, cases, etc. all with feedback. This teaching and learning model has clear advantages in the current uncertainties of Covid-19 including in particular – flexibility, i.e. it is equally suited to face-to-face delivery as it is to home-based study.

Much of the work for HomeUni by CIEC is being led by Professor Stuart Wall, formerly Head of the Ashcroft International Business School in Cambridge, for Anglia Ruskin University. Professor Wall has over twenty-five years of experience in running an educational publishing partnership which has initiated and developed series with sales of over 10 million copies.

A set of materials with content that is consistent, up-to-date, readily understood and comprehensive.

Students have a weekly ‘road map’ taking them through each week of a given semester and telling them what to study, what reading to undertake and including appropriate self-test questions to help them better gauge their own progress.

To complement the high quality and distinctive teaching and learning materials, HomeUni courses will be delivered by an experienced team of international subject experts who crucially have expertise in the dynamics of blended learning delivery.

As already mentioned, a distinctive feature of the HomeUni delivery approach is to put a primacy upon African academic expertise so as to better ensure a strengthened empathy between learner and Tutor.

HomeUni recognises that building a ‘connect’ with its distance learners is crucial to progression and retention.

Accordingly, the HomeUni learning experience will include bi-weekly online chat seminars, use of social media, following possible face-to-face induction and face-to-face opportunities for study and revision weekends.

All distance learners need appropriate support in relation to academic, administrative and technical matters. Accordingly, at HomeUni there is a dedicated staff team to service the distance learning community. In particular, we provide a single point of reference to which students can send all their queries and questions which will then be directed on to the appropriate person or section, giving a prompt response which is key to student satisfaction and program success.


At HomeUni we place a strong emphasis upon facilitating contact between our distance learners, especially those on the same course.

This is done in a variety of ways including on a national and regional basis, establishing ‘buddy cells’ whereby, say, 4/5 distance learners form their own peer support group etc. What HomeUni will do is to encourage and facilitate a range of student community building initiatives.


At HomeUni we believe that success is making complex things simple, that is why we have partnered with top universities and awarding bodies around the world to bring you world-class online education at the time that is convenient, at the place that is homey and at the price that is affordable.