Elvis Cornerstone is a Professor of Financial Economics with over 20 years’ experience in his specialised field. He is the Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean of the Faculty at Accra Business School. Prior to this, he was a full-time Professor at Swiss UMEF University, Geneva, Switzerland. During his term of office, he was also the Regional Director for Africa on behalf of the University. Later on, he acted as the Director of Academic Affairs on behalf of the University at its campus in Kabul, Afghanistan. He had previously lectured on a full-time basis at Bangor University in the United Kingdom; the same university he obtained both his Masters and PhD qualifications. He has taught various undergraduate and postgraduate courses across Europe, Asia and Africa. He is a Fellow of the UK Higher Education Academy and an Honorary Senior Fellow of the Boardroom Institute.

He provides consultancy services to diplomatic missions, governments and private sector organisations. He is a Board Director for Global Alliance Office on Drugs and Crime; an organisation that acts as liaison between intergovernmental organisations and the United Nations office on Drugs and Crimes, headquartered in Ottawa, Canada. He is also the Chair of the Audit Committee for the same Organisation. He serves on the Strategic Management Committee of Accra Business School and on the International Advisory Board of HomeUni, among others.     


Prior to academia, he was a professional in development financing on the local and international fronts. He has assessed and managed loan portfolio projects across various sectors and industries for a quite number of countries including Ghana, Kenya, Uganda and Seychelles. During his term of office at the African Development Bank in Tunisia, for instance, Professor Cornerstone’s assignment involved the assessment of additionality and development outcomes of private sector projects across the African continent.


Professor Cornerstone’s research interests are in the areas of development economics, industrial organisation, efficiency of emerging banking systems and development finance. He has published a quite number of academic research papers. He also has policy and development research papers to his credit as part of international consultancy projects undertaken.


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