Interviewing sounds easy enough: you arrange for a conversation between you and potential candidates, and then select the best person for a particular position. But what if you could refine the process in such a way that you were confident that you are selecting the right person? How do you separate the good from the great, when they have similar work experience and strengths to offer? This two-day workshop will give you the skills and tools to hire successful candidates.


What Will Students Learn?
  • How to identify ways to establish links between excellence in customer service and your business practices and policies.
  • How to develop the skills and practices that are essential elements of a customer service-focused manager.
  • How to recognize what employees are looking for to be truly engaged.
  • How to recognize who the customers are and what they are looking for.
  • How to develop strategies for creating engaged employees and satisfied customers in whatever business units you manage.
What Topics are Covered?
• The six critical elements of customer service
• A customer service focus
• Procedures
• Culture
• Problem-solving
• Measurement
• Reinforcement
• Understanding leadership
• The five practices of leadership
What’s Included?

• Instruction by an expert facilitator
• Small, interactive classes
• Specialized manual and course materials
• Personalized certificate of completion



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