Project management is not just restricted to certain industries, or to individuals with certification as a project manager. Lots of us are expected to complete assignments that are not a usual part of our job, and to get the job done well, within our budget, and on time.

This workshop is intended for participants who understand the conceptual phase of a project’s life cycle, including setting goals, creating a vision statement, and creating the Statement of Work. This course will take participants through the remaining three stages: planning, execution, and termination.

What Will Students Learn?
• Identify your project’s tasks and resources
• Order tasks using the Work Breakdown Structure
• Schedule tasks effectively
• Use basic planning tools such as a Gantt chart, PERT diagram, and network diagram
• Prepare a project budget
• Modify the project budget and schedule to meet targets
• Identify and manage risks
• Prepare a final project plan
• Execute and terminate a project
• Develop and manage a change control process
What Topics are Covered?
• What really needs to be done?
• The Work Breakdown Structure
• Scheduling techniques (including Gantt charts, network diagrams, flow charts, and PERT diagrams)
• Budgeting tips and tricks
• Assessing project risks
• Preparing the final plan
• Making it fit
• The execution phase
• Controlling changes
• Closing out a project
What’s Included?

• Instruction by an expert facilitator
• Small, interactive classes
• Specialized manual and course materials
• Personalized certificate of completion



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