Your brain, thoughts, and behavior are at the core of everything that you do every day, even if you aren’t aware of it. In order to truly achieve the results that you want to achieve, you must master the art of bringing your unconscious thoughts to the surface, so that you can have real choice over how you interact with and respond to the world. Neuro linguistic programming can give you the tools to do just that. In this one-day introductory workshop, you will learn the basics of neuro linguistic programming. We will give you the tools to manage your thoughts, and thereby manage yourself.

What Topics are Covered?

• Define neuro linguistic programming (NLP) and its key terms
• Describe the key presuppositions of NLP
• Describe the five key senses as seen by NLP
• States of mind/modes of thinking using predicates & visual cues
• Develop and refine response strategies for any situation
• Use enriched language to engage your audience
• Interpret body language based on NLP principles
• Ask clean, precise questions to get the information you need
• Use hypnotic language and positive commands to get results

What Will Students Learn?
• What is Neuro Linguistic Programming?
• The NLP Presuppositions
• The Senses According to NLP
• Using Enriched Language
• Interpreting Body Language
• Asking Clean Questions
• The Power of Hypnotic Language
• Putting it All Together
What’s Included?

• Instruction by an expert facilitator
• Small, interactive classes
• Specialized manual and course materials
• Personalized certificate of completion



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